Newborn Care: Tips for New Moms


Bringing home, a newborn can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Having a few tips and ideas on how to handle this new time can make a big difference in recovery and bonding time for the parent and infant. Here are a few ideas on things to do and
prepare when bringing home, a new baby.


New Moms and Support

Gathering support prior to bringing home the baby is one of the biggest tips that can be
provided. Support can look different for each family and could include but is not
limited to family members, friends, a lactation consultant, and a postpartum
doula. Having support is important and as a new parent, it is okay to ask family
and friends to help with things around the house like dishes and grabbing groceries.
If immediate support is not available remember there are services that can help
offset some of the daily needs as well, for example, having the groceries
delivered or having a cleaning service for the home for a few months after the
baby is born.


New Moms Have the Essentials


Imagine walking in the door from intense labor, unsure of what you should be doing, tired, excited, scared, and having no pain relievers or pads. Making sure that you have the essentials
means that you can focus on your healing and bonding with the little one. It is important to make sure you have the essentials for yourself and the baby. Some of the essentials should include but are not limited to; diapers, wipes, formula, or breastfeeding items (pump, milk storage bags, nipple cream, etc.), pads, pain relievers, healthy foods, and drinks.


Give Yourself Grace New Moms


Many first time-parents have barely touched a newborn before they have had their own- yet for some reason, you think you should intensely become an expert. Please try to shish the little voice in your head that says you are failing because you are not.
One of the most important things you can do for yourself during this time is to
show yourself grace and forgiveness. No one is perfect and when it comes to parenting,
we are all learning something new daily.


Rest for a New Mom


Another great tip that many moms will hear repeatedly is to sleep when the baby is sleeping. I think this is great advice when it is possible, however, I like to say rest when you
can. Take the moments that are available to you to close your eyes when you
can, take a moment of self-care when you can, and have a cup of coffee without
interruption. Sleep is vital but little moments of rest can be beneficial as
well. So, find comfort in the two-hour nap along with the morning cup of coffee
that hasn’t gone cold.


Welcoming a child can bring many emotions and unexpected circumstances. At the end of the day know you are doing the best that you can and give yourself the space needed to grow
into being a parent. Remember there is help and resources available a postpartum doula can help with fears/concerns. Sign up for your free consultation.