4 Ways to Help Process your Postpartum Emotions 


After having a baby, a rush of feelings could be felt including joy, relief, and astonishment. Although you could still process these feelings after returning home additional emotions could begin to surface such as beginning to feel overwhelmed, uncertain, annoyed, and frustrated. 

Taking care of an infant is hard work. It can be difficult to adjust to the changes in a household when bringing home, a new baby. The constant focus on the needs of the baby can be exhausting.  

No matter how prepared you were or are or how much you look forward to caring for the new baby, the first few months will include some lows and highs. I do recommend preparing for the fourth trimester as much as possible. This can be done by speaking with a postpartum doula or taking a postpartum planning class and/or speaking with your doctor. When planning it is vital to consider how you will process the emotions that come with the fourth trimester as well.  


Process Postpartum Emotions Outside of the House 

 When it comes to processing your emotions during one of the most overwhelming times of your life try to process them outside of your home. Sometimes one of the best things you can do is take a walk, go to a park with a friend or grab a cup of tea with a family member. Being outside of your home a place that seems to be closing in on you can be just what your emotions and mind need to reset themselves.  


Process Postpartum Emotions with a Friend or Family Member 


Talking with someone about how you are feeling, the adjustments you are struggling with, and the concerns you have can be a great way to process your emotions. It is vital to talk about your emotions and any concerns you could be experiencing during the fourth trimester staying silent could begin to make things worse. Processing your emotions with a doctor or therapist
could also help you understand if what you are feeling is postpartum


Process Postpartum Emotions with a Support Group 


Having a community during the fourth trimester is one of the key factors in planning and processing this time of extreme emotions. This group could be a group of first-time parents, a mommy-and-me class, a bible study, or support of any kind you find that provides the comfort
needed. It is important that this group provides you with support, a comfortable place to share how you are feeling, confidentially, and understanding.


Process PostpartumEmotions with Your Partner  


You might have noticed a slight theme when it comes to processing your emotions and concerns during the fourth trimester. Do not stay silent about how you are feeling. Share, share and share! It is vital to let someone you trust know how you are feeling this
will help to process and deal with any concerns. So, sharing with your partner is
another way to express and process the feelings of the fourth trimester.  

Keep in mind during your recovery you may feel overwhelmed, tired, and stressed, with feelings of loss of your identity and less control over your time. Don’t be afraid to talk
through these thoughts and emotions.