• Who We Are

    Postpartum Advocate & Life Coach

    Postpartum Doula~Bereavement Doula~Life Coach


    I believe in support, education, & encouragement for parents!

    It is my pleasure to offer support and education for the CSRA and beyond.


    As a mother of a bouncy toddler myself, I enjoy passing on my experience as a parent. I have an MBA in business and several years serving in early childhood education including the role of director of a childcare center. My passion is educating and providing support centered around postpartum (the fourth trimester).


    My job as a postpartum advocate and life coach is to make you feel secure and help you navigate the first 12 weeks after birth and beyond. I'm available to help with answering your questions, easing your fears, and providing you with helpful suggestions, so you can feel honored and confident as you grow into the parent you want to be.


    When I am not providing postpartum services to my clients around the CSRA, you can find me either chasing after my toddler or enjoying a movie with my amazing husband. I look forward to helping you on your postpartum journey!

  • Our Offerings

    Education and Encouragement for Parents



    New digital, self-paced courses coming soon!


    Doula Support

    Honoring the Fourth Trimester LLC, services will include emotional, physical, and educational postpartum support during the fourth trimester along with fourth-trimester planning.